About The Artist

Artist Terrence J Moore born August 7, 1975 in Pitt County, NC. Has been a artist since age 2. A self- taught artist. He has pursed art with passion and has committed his entire life of perfecting using almost every facet of art. Starting out initially drawing with pencil he gravitated with interest toward painting by watching his first episode of the Late Bob Ross on PBS a local TV show channel. That then created a desired level of attraction because at age 15 he wondered into the local Mall and found a new passion, Airbrushing. From 1989 until now he has maintained his masterful free-handed airbrush style on thousands of t-shirts from portraits to cartoons. In 1995 He not only graduated with 4 major High School awards for Art 1992 Gold Key Scholastic Award, 1993 Silver Key Scholastic Art Award, 1994 Board of Education Art award of the year, but also later that summer airbrushed a tour bus for a National Recording Artist Doc McKenzie and The BlueNotes and that began the auto world of painting for Terrence Moore airbrushing over 300 vehicles, custom boats a 50 ft boat for a Fountain Motor boats of Washington, NC.

But in between time he always created works of art. Paintings with depth and emotion. And once the trend for airbrushing decreased with a forever growing world he then taught his self graphic design to advertise his Airbrush Shop’s business in 2003 that gave him another skill set. Photoshop and illustrator. His explanation was “self dependence”. That is a part of who he is. Someone who would give his last to help someone in real need. He has Volunteered at ECU East Carolina University on numerous occasions. Volunteered in The Pitt Memorial Hospital in the Children Hospital for terminally ill children under the direction of Susan Sugg. Taught art classes for various Rest Homes & Elderly Programs. Volunteered at Greenville Homeless Shelter drawing caricatures. Taught Continuing Education Airbrush Class at Lenior Community College. Has been a Summer Camp Art instructor for the Pitt County Sheriffs Dept. and still currently is a active instructor for other various organizations and camps. But with all the great accolades one could have. Showing his art to the art world is now his new passion. Showing that art can be beautiful showing the truth. Pain , Love, Joy can be communicated in a spiritual intent to let the viewer feel the emotion the artist is trying to convey. And to create a Legacy for his family and the world. In his own words, that “We can be who we wish to be, who we are meant to be. Let no one or nothing deny you.” – Terrence J Moore